A Girl of Real Beauty!

Transform this girl with a complete professional makeover!

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Transform this girl with a complete professional makeover!

Here’s another really fun make over game for girls who love make-up!! Maybe you’ve seen similar games to this one already on www.mygames4girls.com.

In this game there are three cupboards full of ways to makeover this lovely girl. To open up the different cupboards you need to click on the hearts at the bottom. The different hearts will reveal different things - sometimes makeup, or clothes or hair, or even great accessories.

You’ll need to click on all three hearts before you will be able to do a full professional make over, but you can also go back to change things you’ve already decided on...just keep clicking back and forth between the hearts.

When you’ve decided that you’ve done a great makeover, just click on the "NEXT" button. Then you’ll see you’re great new-look makeover and a picture of what your model looked like before...just so you can see what a FANTASTIC job you’ve done as a make-up artist!

A Girl of Real Beauty!

4.1/5 - 351 votes
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  • Abigail20
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  • Cupcake109
  • Ebony1996

A Girl of Real Beauty! comments from girls:

sherniqua sherniqua 02.10.2010 à 2:04
Kim Kim 30.07.2009 à 4:19
COOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! This game is fun. She is reallly a girl of real beauty!

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