Lego City Game

Plan and build a city with this Lego game!

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Do you girls like playing with Legos? There’s no limit to what you can build and create with those little blocks! This girls’ game lets you design and build a city from scratch, just like Lego City. When you start, you’ll see a grid with green squares separated by roads. Just drag the buildings at the bottom of the screen onto the squares of grass to place them around the town. You can arrange your city any way you like, with lots of houses, skyscrapers, schools, stores and everything else a good town needs. This decorating game gives you the chance to work as a city planner, so be as creative as you like! Read more

If you love creating buildings and cities out of Lego, you’ll love this decorating game. Why don’t you try decorating houses, bedrooms or offices when you’re done? Lego games and girls’ games like this one are a great way to try out different colors, styles and designs. With a bit of practise, you could even end up being a real interior designer one day! You can let your imagination run wild with these great girls’ games at, so get creative and have fun!