Learning About Biology Game

We dare you to dissect a frog in this biology class!

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How to play the game "Learning About Biology Game"?

How would you like to be a doctor, a vet or maybe a scientist when you grow up? Today we have a special learning game that will help you on your way: you’ll get to attend a really interesting biology class and even dissect a frog! You’ll need to be really brave in this surprise frog game; shaky hands are no good when you’re cutting into a frog with a scalpel, after all. Don’t worry if you haven’t played girls’ games like this one before, because your teacher Belle will be on hand to give you instructions and advice. Read more

The first thing you have to do in this girls’ game is secure the frog to the table with some clips, then mark out where you’re going to make the incision with a marker pen. Cut into the frog with the scalpel, then use the forceps to open the body. If you’d like to be a vet when you’re older, make sure you check out the other animal games and learning games on the site for lots more fun!



Learning About Biology is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave learning games!

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milicent milicent 15 March 2013 at 12:05
plz dont play this game in this we have to cut a frog's body eeuu cant play this if you are seeing this so dont play it
salameezy salameezy 20 August 2012 at 11:10
im her friend i will delete here thanx 4 tellin us this game is confusin
Bethieiscrazy Bethieiscrazy 19 August 2012 at 05:14
Plz don't be the girl who posted the last comments friend she is so mean i am going to report her
jolika jolika 19 June 2012 at 07:34
hiiii guii s i want a frind i love thise game (hahahhahaha) can you be my frind
jolika jolika 19 June 2012 at 07:30
thies game is intelaers but al sacuerd but ilove it (grils i want fernds becase i dosent have frends on thies game)
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