Smiley Face Game

Come meet the cute smileys!

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Come meet the cute smileys!

Welcome to the world of smileys! These cute little yellow faces are always happy and never hide their emotions! Today, they are playing a game of balance and logic. The goal? Do not fall off the scales! This looks like lots of fun, it must be great being a smiley! The smileys don’t want to play alone though, they need the help of a logic games expert like you! Do you feel ready for a challenge girl gamer?

In this free girls’ game, you’ll see lots of cute smileys falling from the sky. Move your mouse to the left or right to drop the smileys where you want. Be careful though, the bigger they are, the heavier they are, and the balance of the scales will tip! Try to put the lighter smileys on the edges, otherwise you will lose the game! What do you think of this free logic game? Tell us in the comments!

Smiley Face Game

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