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Help this Pop pixie on a rescue mission!

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  • Feng Shui

    Feng Shui

    There are lots of ways to balance your Feng Shui, but a great way of relaxing is to play nice calm games (...)
  • Sudoku


    Sudoku is a fun puzzle game for girls . Originally, this game was inspired by girls who played another (...)
  • Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye

    Do you have a keen sense of observation? Are you quick to answer questions in class before anyone else? (...)
  • Butterfly Candy Crush

    Butterfly Candy Crush

    A huge gust of wind has wreaked havoc over several families of butterflies...oh dear! Can you help get (...)
  • Brick Blaster Puzzle for Girls

    Brick Blaster Puzzle for (...)

    Oh no!! Sisi the kitty is trapped behind a brick wall, and she can’t find her way out! She needs a girls’ (...)
  • Bridge Building Game

    Bridge Building Game

    We’re going on an adventure in this building game for girls! Luca, Ali and Sam are three friends who love (...)
  • Halloween games online

    halloween games online

    It’s nearly Halloween and you’re going to have a wonderful time discovering tihs spooky halloween game on (...)
  • Sudoku


    The goal of the Sudoku game is to fill the empty squares with numbers from 1 to 9. A classic sudoku (...)
  • Free Brain Teaser Game

    Free Brain Teaser Game

    Calling all math geniuses! We’ve got a great new brain teaser game for really smart girls who love to (...)
  • Big Time Rush Game

    Big Time Rush Game

    Are you crazy about Big Time Rush? Which of these four boys gets your heart racing? There’s the band (...)
  • Alphabet Puzzle

    Alphabet Puzzle

    This is a tricky little game for girls who love puzzles and games where you really need to pay attention! (...)
  • Lights


    Puzzle games always need you to concentrate hard and think about what you need to do to complete the (...)

Help this Pop pixie on a rescue mission!

Pop pixie games are alla bout hanging out and playing games with your friends, the Pop pixies. The Pop pixies are great friends with the Winx fairies, and we have lots of Winx games and Pop pixie games here on mygames4girls.

In this free Pop pixie game you need to find all the numbers in the picture, as quickly as you can. There are lots of numbers to find, but don’t worry, there’s a special pop pixies magnifying glass to help you find them! You’ve got plenty time, but the quicker you manage to find all the numbers, the better you’ll be at the game. Play with your friends who love pop pixie games too, and see who’s fastest!

Pop pixie games

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