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Collect the money and avoid the objects in your path in this adventure game for girls.

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Collect the money and avoid the objects in your path in this adventure game for girls.

This game is for girls who love fun games! You are in control of a plant and you need to help it get to the end of the trail without dying. To do this, use the arrows of your keyboard to make the plant fly, or go underground. You can also make him eat mosquitoes and kick over the objects in its path. All the instructions you are given at the start of the game so you’ll know the actions you can perform with the arrows on your keyboard.

The purpose of this adventure game for girls is to collect money, avoid the obstacles that appear before you and to do all this as quickly as possible. To start this super girls game, press "space". All thats left is to be very careful, but be prepared, this game is very difficult.

online adventure games

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