Shopping dress up

Dress up for a trip to the shops.

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Dress up for a trip to the shops.

Girls love to get dressed up, and play dress up games, but not just for special occasions - we love to look great all the time! So when it’s time for a trip down to the supermarket, we need to find the best outfit! In this cool dress up game you get to dress up for a trip down to the supermarket, in some of the newest fashions, with lots of great accessories to match.

Shopping dress up

4.3/5 - 299 votes
  • Hopelove12
  • Starjack
  • Itssofluffy
  • Lireya
  • Yoyoyo
  • Cate321
  • Ltpeace1
  • Beyoncecarte
  • Celesteylue
  • Yana5124

Shopping dress up comments from girls:

chloe300 chloe300 12.10.2011 à 16:55
i love this game its so cool and can sombody tell me how to get a friend plz
alia692 alia692 07.04.2011 à 1:05
hi like this games its fun
gabstar gabstar 01.04.2011 à 19:30
i do not like this game because i would like to pick out my cholse not keep clicking buttons to find the right outfit here is my emoticon to the game:
kurd4life kurd4life 23.03.2011 à 2:38
1999BabyGirl 1999BabyGirl 20.03.2011 à 20:10
Really cool game luv it!!!!!
hudamaya hudamaya 20.03.2011 à 16:54
it is very nice game
mishiy mishiy 20.03.2011 à 15:10
this is a ....... game

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