Dress Up Lisa Simpson

Find a lovely outfit for Lisa, Homer Simpsons daughter.

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Find a lovely outfit for Lisa, Homer Simpsons daughter.

In all free simpsons games, you find all the characters of the family the play games with. This time, you can play in this free simpsons game for girls with Homer’s eldest daughter. Lisa is passionate saxophone player and is going to play tonight. The Simpsons family is well known in the city, but Lisa wants to be the most beautiful.

In this simpson game, Lisa wants you to find an outfit for the evening. She is going to a party organized in the city of Springfield and they need your talent in this free simpsons dress up game and styling game for girls. You have the choice between lots of different styles of outfits so you can let your imagination run wild.

Dress Up Lisa Simpson

4.4/5 - 3170 votes
  • AraBlossomRa
  • Aqualeena
  • Nickfamily
  • Prettygirl24
  • Pearlmermaid
  • Lindsay13
  • Angana
  • Fancy_Loven9
  • Wesena
  • AnnMarieClem

Dress Up Lisa Simpson comments from girls:

therockgirl112 therockgirl112 17.12.2011 à 18:13
i love this game its funi wish i can play it everyday cause its so fun
Awurama Awurama 18.08.2011 à 20:19
This game isn't that nice. I thought it would be interesting lyk the simpsons itself
LILOU123 LILOU123 05.07.2011 à 21:47
teamhutch teamhutch 28.02.2011 à 1:57
hello this game is a little fun i mean wat the hay?
bay_bay bay_bay 10.02.2011 à 1:31
I love dressing u lisa i hav a sister named lisa but this game is the bomthis is wht i feel like now lol
meganstitt2010123 meganstitt2010123 30.10.2010 à 1:14
i like dressing lisa up it cool and fun i give the game 9/10 because it not as fun. by megan stitt xxx
beth beth 24.03.2009 à 20:24
this is a 8/10 game really fun play on it time after time!

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