DanceStar Party Game

Follow a dance lesson with Janine and Tanya!

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How to play the game "DanceStar Party Game"?

If you love dancing and are glued to games like DanceStar Party, you’ll love this dance game for girls! Today we’ll be hanging out with Janine, a professional dance teacher who owns her own studio, and Tanya, her new pupil. Janine has been dancing since she could walk, but it’s Tanya’s first dance lesson and she’s a little nervous. To play this girls’ game, just click the colored squares to copy Janine’s dance steps. There are several different routines to learn in this dancing game, so play a few times to try them all! Read more

Why not follow the steps in this girls’ game so you can dance along with Janine and Tanya? It’s always good to have a few dance moves ready before you go to a birthday party or a school disco. You can practise with games like DanceStar Party, or just in front of the mirror until you’re a dance star just like Janine! For lots more dancing fun, check out the rest of the girls’ games around the site. Break a leg!



DanceStar Party Game is one of my favorites! We clearly have awesome taste! Come and play more of my fave dance games!