Cake shop challenge

Run a busy cake shop and cafe

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Run a busy cake shop and cafe

As far as cafe games and restaurant games go, this one is briliant fun! You’ll start just serving cakes - all you need to do is click on the parts of the cake in order. As you earn more money you can buy new equipment though so soon you’ll be able to make coffee’s, soft drinks, candyfloss and popcorn.

cake shop challenge

4.4/5 - 1460 votes
  • Miki178mimi
  • Cutedoll1234
  • Crazylovingi
  • Jennnna
  • Hasina
  • Iggyazelea
  • Kiratk123
  • AriaCarter
  • Mila55
  • Angelqueen34

cake shop challenge comments from girls:

funnylilly funnylilly 19.05.2013 à 11:04
its nice but it needs decorations and icing but i like this game its still good but it needs some work
Pupcakes Pupcakes 17.04.2013 à 2:48
holly7 holly7 24.10.2011 à 17:58
I loved that game because you made a small cake. and sell your own things 2 people .
lillith1517 lillith1517 10.06.2011 à 20:50
i like this games so much if ur good at it,it becomes addicting
raniyah raniyah 02.04.2011 à 20:46
i like the game alot. its very cool
myza94 myza94 09.03.2011 à 9:06
divvya divvya 21.12.2010 à 15:40
divvya divvya 21.12.2010 à 15:37
abbie211 abbie211 09.11.2010 à 20:55
fun game ;o
mz_lexipooh mz_lexipooh 27.08.2010 à 3:20
so ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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