One Direction Quiz

How well do you know Louis Tomlinson? Put your knowledge to the test!

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How well do you know Louis Tomlinson? Put your knowledge to the test!

Do you think you’re One Direction’s biggest fan? Put your knowledge to the test with this fun quiz! In this girls’ game you’ll get to prove you’re a dedicated Directioner by answering questions about Louis Tomlinson. Do you know which languages Louis speaks? What Harry’s nickname for him is? If so, you’re sure to get an A+ in this fun test!

One Direction Quiz

4.6/5 - 734 votes
  • Sassynelly12
  • KittyKaatlov
  • Lynda1
  • Genevieve
  • Chocolate_lo
  • Ramata_dia
  • Shortie2425
  • Rabnzel
  • Titigirlprin
  • Katana7700

One Direction Quiz comments from girls:

1Diana 1Diana 12.01.2014 à 17:23
I LOUIS TOMLISON, I love 1D!! Is the biggest, perfect band in the hol wotld!!!!!I want to meet all of them
infiniy_nialler infiniy_nialler 03.07.2013 à 21:47
I know everytjing there is to know about niall ill love him till infinity nd beyond nd he will always be my nialler love my nialler more than anytjing in this world niall is my whole world
well i'm great at this game. i know louis loves me. my best friend said that louis will say these exact words to elinor "i'm sorry but i'm breaking up with u and going to date skye "she imagines she will marry him and all that but i know it won't happen at all. LOVE U LOUIS
CookieHoran13 CookieHoran13 21.04.2013 à 7:24
alright NaillsBabyToy whats the answer 2 wat u say u "know" i want 2 see who much u know and of course i know wayyyy more than u abou my babe!!!!
CookieHoran13 CookieHoran13 21.04.2013 à 7:21
alright NaillsBabyToy whats the answer 2 wat u say u "know" i want see who much u know and of course i know wayyyy more about u!!!
Louistomlinsonmyboy2 Louistomlinsonmyboy2 30.01.2013 à 3:16
Louis Tomlinson is my favorite if you can tell by my name
NiallsBabyToy NiallsBabyToy 27.01.2013 à 7:30
I wish you all new their blood type, underwear size, shoe size, shirt size, IQ points, pants size, snot color, and all that. >_< Who's the ultimate directioner NOW.
NiallsGirlfriend NiallsGirlfriend 01.01.2013 à 8:15
Move over, Directioners! There's a new Louis know-it-all in town... ME!I'm sure Louis would be super proud!
Niall43276 Niall43276 24.12.2012 à 18:50
I say Niall and Louis are the hotest but I very love this One Direction game
madisonrockz madisonrockz 02.12.2012 à 0:10
did anybody get louis because i am curious? who did who loves louis hey who is in love with liam?
madisonrockz madisonrockz 02.12.2012 à 0:04
i 1d i liam my sis loves nial because they play her fave songs even there new one an there cute
MaryBerry MaryBerry 27.10.2012 à 16:35
i used 2 hate 1D but now im so crazy about themputting this part 2 make it longer
SASOA SASOA 15.10.2012 à 20:02
god crazy for1D im not at alll may b u all will b but im not i dont even like them
cuddlyheart22 cuddlyheart22 11.10.2012 à 15:01
im a lovely directioner lol im crazy for louis tomlinson
BoStyles BoStyles 08.10.2012 à 20:28
fuuuuunnnn!!!! really, lol one direction is hot hot hot

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