Michael jackson game

Dress the king of pop in some of his famous outfits !

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Dress the king of pop in some of his famous outfits !

Hey, it’s Lilou !! Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. He died quite recently, but while he was alive he released 17 number one singles and raised millions of dollars for charities around the world. He started his career in the group, the Jackson 5, where he performed alongside his brothers until starting a solo career.

If you are a Michael Jackson fan like me and my friends Lee and Lea, then you’ll love this new game that I’ve made for you to play for free. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know if you liked it or not. Love from Lilou !

michael jackson game

4.4/5 - 669 votes
  • Oluranti1
  • Savannah1020
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  • Abigail20
  • MissCoCo
  • Skatergirl12
  • SaraNellieKa
  • Cupcake109
  • Ebony1996
  • Babygirl110

michael jackson game comments from girls:

KatCee KatCee 25.04.2013 à 1:05
I saw Michael's BIG HEAD . Kinda made me bad. So this is stupid like errrr help. I like Michael its fun but racists! I Britney Spears game. She looked human but MICHAEL LOOKS LIKE A FOOL! So S.T.O.P. Thank you jerks of the world. People Rate:
McLAMORE1229 McLAMORE1229 06.03.2013 à 4:23
I think that Michael was a CUTIE!!!1But yea she's right , you can't make his head big. That's jacked up, alot!!!:->:->:->
keisha1381 keisha1381 22.05.2012 à 0:46
drbabe16 drbabe16 09.04.2012 à 7:45
i agree with silkycurls she was right and this game was fun i wish michael was still here rip
shametra shametra 28.06.2011 à 0:07
i really like this game
SilentWhisper SilentWhisper 02.11.2010 à 23:28
I don't really like this game.That make Michael Jackson's head look HUGE!Thats not funny!Thats actully quite mean!

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