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Build a brand new house in the country with the Lego Friends girls!

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Build a brand new house in the country with the Lego Friends girls!

Today you’ll meet Andrea, a very lucky Lego girl whose boyfriend has just asked her to marry him on the most beautiful beach in Lego City! This cute couple can’t wait to live together and have decided to build a new house entirely out of Lego, those brightly colored bricks that can be used to make just about anything! She’s really excited about moving into her new home, but Andrea is sad to leave the apartment she shared with the Lego Friends girls, Mia, Emma, Stephanie and Olivia. Do you think you can make her build a Lego house in this Lego game for girls? Imagine something with lots of space so she can invite her Lego Friends over every weekend!

Whether or not you’ve played with Lego at home or in our celebrities games for girls, you’ll have no problem with this house building game today. You just need to select the Lego bricks that you want to use and place them on the green grid. You can build the walls and choose windows and doors for Andrea’s Lego house in tons of different colors: red, pink, yellow, blue, orange… If you really want to surprise her neighbours, you can even give her a Lego car to decorate any way you like! So, what sort of home are you going to build for the Lego girl in this house game? Maybe the rest of the Lego Friends will hire you as an architect or interior decorator if you do a good job! Have fun building a house with the Lego girls today in this stars’ game, and make sure you check out the rest of the decorating games on the site for many more challenges!

Lego Friends Game

4.2/5 - 1511 votes
  • Aqualeena
  • AraBlossomRa
  • Nickfamily
  • Prettygirl24
  • Pearlmermaid
  • Wadiya
  • Lindsay13
  • Cara10
  • Angana
  • Fancy_Loven9

Lego Friends Game comments from girls:

glamourousbecky glamourousbecky 05.09.2012 à 15:33
i truely do like this game because its fun and my friend.
Bloomse Bloomse 29.07.2012 à 19:57
Hicity is the best.Co's you get to buy things from the shopping mall and I think I am on level 2
Bloomse Bloomse 29.07.2012 à 19:49
This game is hard,co's you have to build a house with lego which is alyways hard.
graca graca 18.04.2012 à 19:51
hidolls is the best in town interestingyou get to do nice thing go shoppingmall
graca graca 18.04.2012 à 19:36
hidolls is the best in town interestingyou get to do nice thing go shoppingmall
chappy78 chappy78 18.04.2012 à 18:46
love the game i think it is a lovlrey game thanks for putting it on there

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