Glee Dress Up Game

Dress up the entire cast from Glee in this awesome girls’ game!

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  • Makeover Rachel from Glee

    Makeover Rachel from Glee

    Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Santana, Brittany... which boy or girl from the all-singing, all-dancing McKinley (...)
  • Dress Up Rachel from Glee

    Dress Up Rachel from Glee

    Love her or hate her, Rachel Berry is the real star of Glee! Rachel has the voice, the dance moves and (...)
  • Lea Michele Dress Up Game

    Lea Michele Dress Up Game

    Have you ever dreamt of performing on Broadway or in West End musicals? Lea Michele made her theater (...)
  • Dress Up Kurt from Glee

    Dress Up Kurt from Glee

    With his amazing voice and fantastic dress sense, Kurt Hummel is one of the brightest stars in McKinley (...)
  • Kiss Finn from Glee

    Kiss Finn from Glee

    Which of the Glee boys is your favorite? Puck, Artie, Kurt, Sam, Mike, maybe Mr. Schuster? We know who (...)
  • Dress up the Glee cast

    Dress up the Glee cast

    The Glee series is based on singing and dancing, and it’s a big reason why girls are playing so many (...)
  • Glee


    For girls games this week, you have probably heard of the series Glee where all the students learn to (...)

Dress up the entire cast from Glee in this awesome girls’ game!

If you love singing, dancing and all thing Broadway, then we bet you love Glee! This fun TV show is dedicated to the adventures of the Glee Club, a musical theatre group from Lima, Ohio. In this Glee game for girls, Rachel, Finn and the gang are busy preparing for Sectionals and are going to do a warm-up performance at a local youth center for practise. They know that singers and dancers need to look the park to make a performance really special, so they want brand new outfits and makeovers for their show. It’s not easy being in the Glee Club and the girls and boys could really do with a confidence boost before they compete at sectionals. Think you can help them out in this star fashion game?

Glee Dress Up Game

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