Ever After High Game

Briar Beauty is going to the ball, but she needs a little style advice first!

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Briar Beauty is going to the ball, but she needs a little style advice first!

The famous princess, Briar Beauty is going to the dance tonight, and she’s putting her entire look in your hands...that’s a lot of responsibility! Luckily, you’re a celebrity dress up game expert, and you have everything you need to give her a dreamy princess style. Impressive make up, clothes and accessories...you have so many different looks to choose from! In this beautiful Ever After High game for girls, you need to control different colors and quantities of make up and hair styling until you reach the perfect style. This Ever After High game really is just for experts!

So, do you think you know what the best look for a grand ball is? With this free dress up game, you can create an amazing celebrity style for Briar Beauty. Besides her hair and make up, you need to decide on this Ever After High girl’s clothes. There are so many romantic and modern princess party dresses to choose from. Play this Ever After High game for free and practise your beauty and fashion knowledge. Wow, wouldn’t it be amazing to have a wardrobe like Briar’s?

Ever After High Game

4.7/5 - 56 votes
  • Abigail20
  • MissCoCo
  • Cupcake109
  • Ebony1996
  • Jasmine13579
  • Anna7989
  • SarahKD
  • Brittany5566
  • Mekah04
  • Babygirl110

Ever After High Game comments from girls:

babayface babayface 24.01.2014 à 17:16
wow this gam looks interesting let me see how it turns out

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