Love nail art? This is the perfect summer mani! (video)

Learn to paint your nails for summer with this easy tutorial!

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Pretty ombre nails – surprise everyone this summer!

One of the best things about summer is that we can play around with so many different colors in our clothes and make up! Pastels, tropical tones, rainbow stripes and even neons. Sometimes it good to add an element of surprise to your look though…watch this video tutorial to learn an amazing technique for your nails. It’s super pretty and makes your fingertips look just like the it now!

An easy summer manicure, step by step

As you can see in the video, this look is very easy to achieve. Just apply a coat of white nail polish as a base, let it dry and then apply a layer of aquamarine. Then, like at 0.21, take a small makeup sponge to blend the two colors, don’t press down too hard! Intensify the colours by adding more polish as the layers dry.

Remember when you’re done, like the video shows at 1.40, you can correct any mistakes by dipping a q tip, or cotton bud, in nail polish remover and dabbing around the edges. Don’t forget to apply a clear top coat on the nail too to seal the design, just like the video at 2.02.
To create a mani that makes your nails look like the waves in the sea, these colors are the ones to use. It’s so perfect for a trip to the beach! Why not use this technique with others colors too though? Yellows and oranges would create a cool sunset effect, or greys and blacks would result in a gothic, smoky look.

What other color combinations can you think of for this super easy ombre manicure? Tell us in the comments, and don’t forget to play our fun manicure games for girls!


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